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Project Permitting

permittingpage1.jpgArticle 10 of the New York State Public Service Law governs the process for siting and permitting the Greene County Solar Facility. It provides for the review of new or modified electric generating facilities by the Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment.

Article 10 is a comprehensive process that engages community involvement by providing local voting rights and funding for local interest to participate in the process. The Siting Board consists of seven members – five state officials and two members from the host community.

Key provisions of the law include:

  1. Defines a major electric generating facility as facilities of 25 megawatts or more; 
  2. Requires environmental and public health impact analyses, studies regarding electric system benefits and public safety, and consideration of local laws;
  3. Directs applicants to provide funding for both the pre-application and application phases. It allows funding to be used to help intervenors (affected municipalities and other parties) hire experts to participate in the review of the application and for legal fees (but not for judicial challenges);
  4. Requires a utility security plan reviewed by Homeland Security and, for New York City (NYC) plants, NYC's emergency management office;
  5. Provides for appointment of ad hoc public members of the Siting Board from the municipality where the facility is proposed to be sited; and,
  6. Requires a public information coordinator within the Department of Public Service to assist and advise interested parties and members of the public in participating in the siting process.

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